This is a sister game to the number one motor racing game in 2012 as voted by the players that was known as mini motor racing. The new game depicts a whole new level despite the many similarities with the previous version like the top down arcade fun as well as the fast pace. It has the feature that will let the player build a whole new fleet made up of unique vehicles and at the same time let him assemble a team that he picks personally in his effort to become the champion. The challenge can be taken further if a player chooses to form his own club of racers outside the game with his friends and they can race against different racers from all over the world. A player can use the mini motor racing to advance his play further and even beat his friends.

What are the Features of this Game?

The massive career mode encompasses travelling through different exciting environments across the world as the player competes to be at the top of the racing tour worldwide. The game also features customizable vehicles which is possible by a player using the winnings to upgrade or build very many vehicles of different types to handle the diverse terrains; off road, tarmac or even rainy. The racing team is yet another of the great features that are found in the game, where the player has the capacity to staff his racing team with the best of the managers, engineers, mechanics etc. all these persons have different strengths and shortcomings that would affect the outcome of the game. Lastly the game enables creation of racing clubs in the real world and can race against other teams globally. The winners receive a lot of acclamation and great prizes won, this is very possible by use of the mini motor racing tool to aid the player advance with the limitless coins.



This tool presents a player with unlimited access to trophies, coupons and coins in the game with support to all operating systems. The mini motor racing comes with a built in ghost script, as well as proxy protection which will make the player not to be discovered and thus be safe from his account being banned. This implies that a player is able to utilize the extra coins to acquire items that are necessary for his advancement in the game.